Tuesday, August 02, 2005

You gotta love work....

So my highly valuable job that has specific skill requirements such as, sitting for long periods of time, the ability to stare at a computer screen for 10 hours a day and clicking the mouse repeated times a day is being outsourced. I can’t believe it. How in the world is my company going to find people in Costa Rica qualified to do the things that I do? I have been asking myself this question for weeks now and I still do not have an answer. Hey it was fun while it lasted…… sort of. I like my coworkers very much, but this job is not fit for an extravert such as myself. Maybe it is a good thing I am loosing this job soon, I will be forced into another position here or find myself unemployed and begging all my friends for a job. Problem is, most of my friends freaking work here (how do you think I got this job in the first place.)

Some good news is that for the past couple of months I have had a “boss” ( “boss” = some guy who turned in his resignation because he was unhappy with where he was in the company, and thus they gave him a managerial role.) who had no idea what we did here, threw the working schedule out the window, and referred all questions or errors to someone else. Come to think of it I have no idea what he did for the past couple of months as my “manager”. The good news is that he grew tired of doing…. can I say nothing…… and turned in his resignation request #2 this tome for good. He is now gone and thus I needed a new manager to ruin more things here. Then I received an email from… well some guy who turned in his resignation as well and was given a managerial role to boot, I think I might be seeing a trend, and the mail delivered the news that my new boss was none other than John Doom (If I had any skill at this his name would be a different color and underlined with a link to his blog.)

This is good news for me because I like John, He’s a good guy and a friend. He has a head on his shoulders that's not attatched to someone elses ass and actually uses reason and logic, which seems to be rarely used in the business place anymore, and will make good decisions for us and actually help us when we need it. This will be the first time I have worked here that my actual manager will have knowledge of the process that we run throughout the day. Here’s to Mr. Doom (picture me holding up a mug of kiltlifter from four peaks brew.)

Well next week I think I am going to turn in my resignation and maybe I can become the COO of our company, or at least get some sort of initial set behind my name.


At 2:29 PM, Blogger John Doom said...

Thanks Chris.

Linking is pretty easy and fun.
John Doom

At 7:45 AM, Blogger Scott Williams said...

Sucks about the job, but I feel somewhat validated that the company that canned me is experiencing this kind of turnover. I'd try to get you a job at my current employer, but I really don't think you'd like it.

At 9:42 AM, Blogger BAB said...


Thanks for your comments. I appreciate it. BTW congratualations on the engagement and sorry about the job.

As far as questions go. It doesnt' matter to me. Feel free to either post it or email me at brettberger(at)cox.net

At 10:43 AM, Blogger Bigchumpito said...

Hey! Sorry that my brotherhood is taking your job. Hopefully you'll find a new job soon. and by the way nice blog :O)


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