Thursday, May 12, 2005

Little kid syndrome

I love the fact that some people are so extremely loyal that they actually lose all sense of reality with their point of view. This seems no more prominent than in the world of sports, cars and video games. First off I am a die hard sports fan, ask my girlfriend (I’m surprised she hasn’t left over this fact yet, and I have actually done a great job keeping sports off my blog, but no more.) I love the Suns and everything else that conjures up a good sweat that occurs here in Phoenix. But I am very realistic, the Suns lost Joe Johnson last night to basically a fractured cheek. No one knows how long he will be out for, thus I no longer know if the Suns can make a run at the title. (This is how a true sports fan keeps things real)

On the other side of the spectrum you have people who love their team so much that they have no sense of reality. Example: Talking to a die hard Brewer’s fan the other day who was saying that loosing Lyle Overbay for an extended amount of time would really ruin their playoff chances. If you don’t know anything about sports, you still know the Brewers suck. Their playoff chances were ruined the day Robin Yount retired, about 12 years ago.

Cars, cars are great I love them they go fast. Some cars suck (Cavalier) some cars rule (M5) some cars are ok (Altima) but I don’t get the people who take such a liking to only one brand of car and then say everything that is not made from manufacturer A is crap. There is seriously nothing funnier, and more annoying, than listening to a Chevy fan tell a Ford fan how great the Z-71 Silverado is, to only hear the Ford fan come back with. “dat truck aint got no nuds, you wanna c a truck dat beets da carp out of dat dere, den loock no furder than the F-250.” They exchange back and forth and usually end up in a tire toss challenge followed by going inside and making up over a Budweiser and some NASCAR. (Don’t get me started on this “sport”ing debacle. Turn left, okay good, now turn left, alright your looking good, now turn left….) Here’s the bottom line car companies make good cars and some bad ones as well, if you driving a bad one it could be worse, you could be riding the bus. If you’re riding the bus it could be worse, you could be…… never mind the bus sucks.

Thus bringing us to video games. These joyous things rank only behind God, family and sports. (My girlfriend fits somewhere on the list….. I swear) I am an avid PS2 fan, the games they make for that system are just awesome. I also enjoy the Gamecube from time to time as well as a good game of Halo on the X-Box. Video games are supposed to be fun, that is why I have never understood the folk who say the X-Box is better because it has a hard drive and this and that (insert all the hardware for the system here) WHO CARES, I just want to play games! I don’t care what a system can and can’t do; I want to play a fun game and whatever that system it happens to be played on, I will play that system. This has never been more apparent then when I bought a PSP. This is probably the greatest gadget I have ever seen! It blows me away how cool it is. But you have your Gameboy fans that refuse to admit that the PSP is amazing. They say things like, “The load times are terrible.” Yeah so what. “Well the thing is that.. (Insert whatever else they can think of here)” Blah blah blah, if something is fun, than play it and accept that’s its cool. Get over the fact that your favorite company has not made something that compares and enjoy what technology has made.

Don’t get wrong I think loyalty is a great thing, and so does every manufacturer in the world for that matter, but please don’t let it breed ignorance.


At 7:38 AM, Blogger Scott Williams said...

The reasoning behind that is some people spend so much time playing/posting on the internet/talking/etc. about a certain "side" that they need to justify the amount of time spent (wasted) doing that. So, they become dogmatic that their side is better.

Also, I went to high school with Robin Yount's daughter. She was kind of dumb.

At 9:10 AM, Blogger Mark said...

If manufacturer 'A' is Buick, than it's true. Everything they make is crap.

At 6:15 PM, Blogger n8 said...

Hey, this is nate. how do I link to stuff? or do anything cool?
My site is NatePalmer.blogspot.whatever

At 6:16 PM, Blogger n8 said...

when i say ".whatever", i mean .com


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