Friday, May 06, 2005

I was afraid this day might come

This world simply has gone too far, earlier today I stopped by the local Wendy’s for a nice little snack. Much to my dismay things at Wendy’s have gone terribly awry. For years I have frequented the local burger joint and enjoyed the wonderful world of the $.99 value menu. As I approached the fine Hispanic worker named Jesus I ordered my usual quarter pound double stack with cheese (easily the best and most affordable burger anywhere around), he asked if I would like anything else, to which I replied, “no thanks that’s all for today.” I pulled out my dollar and seven cents, “that will be a dollar sixty one sir.” I couldn’t believe my ears. Was Jesus actually serious? Had the one great thing left in this world truly left me? I looked up in amazement at the menu, and much to my chagrin it was up there, 1/4lb dbl stack w/ chz $1.49. I was so stunned I actually reached into my pocket and found some more change and paid for what used to be a beautiful thing, and now leaves this bitter but so good taste in my mouth. It was at this point that I realized there is nothing sacred in this Corporate America we live in today.

There is no doubt that Dave Thomas is rolling in his grave. I saw the commercials, he was proud to offer the value menu, it made him smile. This does bring to mind what had to be a wonderful board meeting at Wendy’s Inc. Picture it; the new boss sitting smug in his chair as he revealed his evil plans to slowly remove the value menu. While the last remaining board member from Dave’s era sat there in disarray saying, “Dave would not have ever let something like this.” and “You know Dave would never approve of this.” The new bastard would look old man river in the eyes and say, “ I was afraid you might feel that way, so forgive me for having to do this” He pulls a lever and in storms security to remove the final beacon of light from the premises.

Here’s the issue, if for so many years it only cost a dollar, then how can you justify raising the price? In the fast food world things never get more expensive, they always come down in price. I find it hard to believe that Wendy’s was loosing 50 cents, or any amount of money at that, every time they sold a burger. But reality has sunk in now, and I am left with no choice but to see if I can find another 99-cent burger that can bring so much joy in such a little package.


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