Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I'm Home!

Well I am home! For all who wondered why there has not been an update in a while its because I have been in Alaska for the past week and a half and had no Internet access. The trip was amazing, I got to see first hand students come to the knowledge of Christ, praise, God, and I also learned a lot of things on the trip. (I am actually going to post something on my meditations blog.) As for now I will try and recap a week and a half of events by giving my trip highlight reel. These are not necessarily listed in any order but just as they come to mind.

We had some our team working in the kitchen of the camp, and I mean working, they prepared the meals, cooked the meals, served the meals, and cleaned up after everything was done. They worked their tails off. There were a lot of funny things that occurred in the kitchen that I could speak of, but I will use this team to tell about something that baffled me. The kitchen staff is required to wear shoes, aprons and hairnets (hats) this helps prevent accidents, spills, and the ugly incident of hair in the food. There was a guy who worked at the camp for the camp for the entire summer, and I never saw him were a shirt with sleeves. Not that big of a deal……. Except for the fact that he was working in the kitchen! Your telling me that hair from the head is grosser than the armpit! I don’t think so scooter! That was just gross. There came a point where one of our girls in the kitchen said, “Hey I think we need to put hairnets under there,” (referring to his pits) I think that if we were all playing the would you rather game, and the question was would you rather eat a hair from my head or a hair from my armpit, we would all agree that head hair is the correct answer.

I think the best times of laughter occurred when we were just sitting around making fun the palmercat gal. I don’t mean to be mean, but she says the funniest things without trying to. There was one time when she came to wake us up from our afternoon nap and the exchange went like this: (also imagine this being said in the purest sweetest voice ever.)

Knock, knock knock

Gal: Ummmmmmmmm fellas? You awake?

Guys: NO

Gal: Ummmmmmmmm how bout now?

Guys: Yes

Gal: Ummm ok good.

For me the most humbling yet amazing moment came towards the end of the week of camp. It was one of our last chapels together and I was the speaker for the camp. The worship team had just finished playing and gave the queue to me to come up; just then 110 kids broke into a chant of Chris, Chris, Chris. It was amazing! They were cheering for me, but truly cheering for God. I did not do anything special during the week but teach Gods word as best I could…. rather as best as God leads me. It was amazing to hear kids chant my name for the simple fact that I was about to tell them a stupid story from my life and connect it to Gods word. They have been chanting my name but they were truly asking for God, humbling to dwell on.

Like always this become an essay and I will check back in a little with some more stories from the trip, I will try to be funnier and less introspective (this is of course to please Macleod.) Till next time.


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