Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Does what I entitle this really matter?

Maybe I should not proclaim this as loudly as I do but what the hell…… I am a big fan of Penn and Teller’s Bull**** show. They are crude and down right mean for most of the show and it makes me laugh because generally I agree with them. For some weird reason they seem to be right wing….conservatists? Well maybe not so conservative but at least they don’t fall under the typical Hollywood p.c. bull****, they actually think for themselves and not what Sean Penn wants them to think.

This brings me to a random thought, how exactly did Sean Penn get his hands around the proverbial neck of Hollywood? He is an extremely overrated actor, he’s just an average actor. He certainly is not in the same class of Tom Hanks, Ed Norton, Kevin Spacey (who could have made a bunch of Barney movies after The Usual Suspects and would still be considered one of the best of all time.) Russell Crowe (who if he had not been shafted for A Beautiful Mind would be winning his third best actor award this year for Cinderella Man.) and Brad Pitt (I am forgetting that Troy was ever made). How does someone with such limited ability have such control over so many people who are afraid to think for themselves…. Wait I just answered my own question.

Anyways Penn and Teller Bull(feces) is really entertaining so I went out and bought their second season, which contains their show on the Bible. They of course conclude that the Bible is B.S. They interviewed an atheist with a PHD in something who argued against the Bible and some history professor at Western Michigan University. Here is what I concluded about the show.

1. Penn and Teller have no line they will not cross when they feel they are convicted about something.
2. I don’t think there are too many Christians and Jews out there watching their program every week, so who were they doing this show for?
3. I realize they are Michael Moore who do research, I tend to agree with, not as fat, and can make me laugh.
4. They interview people who will get their side pushed across the best.

The last was the biggest glaring weakness of the show to me. Rather than talk to a Bible scholar they talk to a professor of history who is a Christian. He of course is opposed by PHD Atheist man. HMMMMM I wonder who is going to come out looking the best on this one. (besides the fact that they can edit the interviews to say what they want.) The best was that they were so honest in their closing comments, “Hey we did this show so that there would be more Atheists. Elvis didn’t do no drugs.” (The quote was right along these lines but not word for word) At least they were honest with their agenda.

This show went against everything I believe and know to be true, but it was still entertaining. I can’t wait to get home and watch the PETA episode, man I am so annoyed by those people, and get back to agreeing with what they are saying.


At 9:50 AM, Blogger John Doom said...

You missed using the word shit 4 times. I think shit isn't a bad word as such, nor is the act of shitting should you need to shit.
Anyway, good post!

At 8:26 AM, Blogger Yarsh said...

Elvis didn't do no drugs


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