Monday, April 09, 2007

The sports guy in me

As all of you know I am a die hard sports fan, tonight I went to opening day for the diamondbacks (Funny how they call thier home opener "opening day"). first of all it was a great game, good seats and good company with that said it is time to rant on people who think they know, but really have no clue.

Nothing can drive me more crazy than that guy, you know the one who mis quotes stats, thinks good players are great and great players are good. That guy annoys the piss out of me. Unfortunately tonight he was sitting to my left. He was the guy who played little league and no more, was probably the right fielder and batted 11th in the order. The kid on my team was named Joe so I named the annoying guy Joe for the night.

He knew a little about the game, which is fine, he knew a couple of corrects stats, and thats cool. However he was truly clueless when it came to talent judging and knowing situations. What made Joe even worse was that he was there with a girl, and was "showing off" to the girl with his outbursts of idiocy. The best was when he sang his own words to take me out to the ballgame and start laughing hysterically at his version. To which of course I responded with the loudest fkest laugh I had in me. Of course he thought I was seriously laughing with him and thats when he went for the high five. Of course I didnt return the gesture and continued my fake laugh in his face.

Thanks for the memories Joe.

Heres the point of all of this, any time you go to a sporting event there is always a Joe within nearshot of you. You just probably dont him hear, but I do, and now since you will be looking for Joe next time you go to a game, remeember the best remedy is a simple moking of Joe and his lack of knowledge.

Actually now that I think about, there is no point to this post. Lets just leave it at that I hate Joe.

Joe, you suck!


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