Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The name is Crap, James Crap

I figure that since my last post (over 7 months ago) was a movie review the best way to come back is with a movie review. As the title says I am sure that you could come to the conclusion that I do not like Bond movies. Call me a girl or whatever you may, I just do not enjoy them. All the supposed great ones were told old for me to enjoy as a kid and well the Pierce Poopman years are a joke.

I just cant get into this cookie cutter series of movies. Crazy maniac wants to take over world, Bond snogs 4 girls, 1 of them gets captured and 1 of them is evil, Bond fights crazy maniac man and wins, thus the world is saved and we can all leave the theater happy.

Needless to say when the latest Bond came out into theaters and all my chums who so dearly love Bond went and saw it at midnight, I was at home sleeping and not wasting my time. Casino Royale came out on video a couple of weeks ago and I found myself in an odd positions as I was at the electronics of Fry's.

The sign read, BluRay DVD Casino Royale SALE 22.99, yes I have a bluray player (thank you PS3) and I absolutely love watching movies in BluRay. So the dilema was do I buy a movie I know I am going to hate, or do I buy a movie I know I am going to hate that is on BluRay. So I bought the freaking movie.

2 weeks passed and the movie sat on the player unwatched when one Saturday night I decided it was time to watch a movie. Choices were Gladiator or the new Bond. I chose Bond, only because Gladiator is a regular DVD.

I watched the Bond and I loved it. It was so unlike every Bond I had seen before. This Bond was like Greg House, a jerk but so cool it didnt matter. Yeah he flag the girls and saved the day but it was so much cooler than anything I had seen in a Bond movie, After watching the movie and thinking abnout how much I enjoyed it, this thought came to mind:

Broznan is to Bond as Clooney is to Batman.

The official Palmercat score: Hell Yeah!

P.S. with my new blogging theory, I know there will be typos and terrible punctuation. and I dont really carebecause I am thinking freely and as long as i am on the throne nothing can bring me down........except those fissures.


At 11:12 AM, Anonymous Yarsh said...

That's good to hear, not that I am reading something produced during an ultimate release, but rather that Casino Royale was good.

I bought the movie the day it came out, and have not watched it yet. Same with The Illusionist. However, I plan to catch up on my movie watching while I am house sitting for Mom & Dad while they are in Singapore. The 27" screen at home really can't do these movies justice...

At 1:16 PM, Blogger John Doom said...

I thought it was a 32"? You're right though; there is no real justice on a television like that.

At 3:07 PM, Blogger Kyle DiRoberts said...

Welcome back! :)


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