Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It's My Life, and It Raised.....

38.1 and counting, on a movie that depicts my life. The Breakup is funny, it was entertaining, it got sappy, it was a chick flick. But most of all it was me! Vaughn’s character was me! I’m serious, go see the movie and try and tell me that that movie is not an accurate depiction of my life. The only thing is that the Palmercat Gal and I never broke up and I don’t lead city tours around Phoenix on a double deck bus. After you see the movie and realize that that is my life, you should feel 2 things.

1. I am pathetic
2. Sorry for the Palmercat gal

……Writers block………….

Here are some random tidbits from my week.

Mentos + Diet Coke = Awesome
Diet Coke + Pavement = What I am doing on Saturday
Myspace is incredibly lame. But once you get on it and start cruising around you cant stop. It is officially heroin of the internet.
• Everyone wants a puppy until they get one. If Lilly weren’t so freaking cute she would be a goner by now. She really needs to learn that it is not ok to lick my head at 3:37 every morning and that the carpet is not her grass field to relieve herself whenever she feels necessary….every 5 minutes.
• The Suns…. ….. . . . . . ……. …….(tear) .. … . ……..Theres always next year! (right?)
• Horray the Diamondbacks are playing good ball……. Son of a B, baseball is the only sport going right now that matters….. until June 9th and the World Cup begins! Then it is back to baseball for the rest of the summer…. Son of a B! (Sorry for using such harsh letters)

Back to work now…….


At 10:50 AM, Anonymous Cully said...

Haha, and you totally gave me crap for my asterisk laden pseudo profanity.
Oh well, c'est la vie, right or not, sometimes you just gotta drop a few "letters" here and there.


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