Tuesday, May 23, 2006


There are few times in life when sports deliver a where were you when moment. It’s even more rare when it happens to a team that you love. In my life I have one such moment one almost moment, and two I cant believe it happened against me. The DBacks winning the world series, KJ Dunks on Hakeem in game 7 of the west finals and finishes with 46 points in a loss, Mario Ellie’s 3 from the corner to end KJ’s game 7 and John Paxon’s 3 from the arch to seal the 93 finals. Then there is this years Suns team.

This is a team that A) maybe should not have even made the playoffs without their most dominant player let alone win their division and B) refuse to quit no matter how bleak the situation seems to be.

I thought for sure that when Tim Thomas drilled the three to send game 6 of the Lakers series to OT it would be the the where were you moment of the playoffs…… Then came Raja Bells 3 from the corner with 1 second left to send game 5 of the Clippers series to double OT and eventually send Phoenix fans home happy.

I just happened to be at game 5 when Raja hit the “Shot heard round Phoenix.” I was sitting at work and feeling like I needed to go to the game. I jumped on Ebay and got a screaming deal on tickets right on the baseline……… of the upper deck. I took my mom and called it a late mothers day gift. It just so happens that the baseline we were on was the one that the Suns would scoring on in the second half of the game. With 3.8 seconds left and the Suns down 3 the inbound came to Raja and he went straight up with it and hit the prettiest shot I have ever seen. As soon as it left his hand I knew it was good. The Suns went on to cream the Clips in OT #2.

I have long debated with my parents that I would rather see a close game that we win than a blowout that we win. I went game 7 last night, now I have experienced both and I can say that a blowout is fun but nothing like seeing your team fight through adversity and hit an improbable shot to keep your hope in them alive. The blowout was a freaking party, just ask the 2 clippers fans who sat next to me last night. But the Raja shot was undeniably so much better. I mean if he misses it you go home sulking (or at least I do) If he makes it you go nuts (and I did). The debate is over, I won!

2 series down and I have had almost 2 heart attacks. So here’s hoping the Suns don’t kill me.


At 1:58 PM, Blogger Yarsh said...

Even though last night's game 7 was a blowout, I admit that I didn't stop worrying until 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter. I sat on my coffee table for the entire game, not 3 feet away from the TV screen. I paced during timeouts, and smoked in between quarters.

That is why I couldn't actually go to the win-or-go-home playoff game. I live and die with this team at this time of the year, as of course do you. I just couldn't take a heart breaking loss surrounded by thousands of people.

You should have seen me face down on my floor in front of the TV during game 4 of the Lakers series. I just couldn't handle it. And that wasn't even a win-or-go-home situation...

At 2:04 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Who are these Suns you keep speaking of?


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