Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Lets review the past week.

Well it is time for my Holiday review. So without any further a-do let’s get started.

• My mom (thats not a picture of her, I promise), whom I love dearly is not allowed to buy me clothes. She is allowed to take me shopping or supply me with money to purchase new clothes. However she is not allowed to pick them out.
Nate Palmer had the funniest blog entry of the season until Nate Hughes entered in with this dandy tale.
Sony 6.1 surround sound home theater system is kicking. Its no high end system but it is awesome enough for me to be plenty happy and so grateful to my parents for the gift. I truly was not expecting something so nice. Thank you!
• The 6mp Olympus digital camera the Palmercats received from my in-laws is sweet. There is not a whole lot of gadgetry to it, but it gets the job done well. Its simple to use doesn’t shoot out 400,000 flashes to take 1 picture and actually takes the picture when you push the button. Another great gift, thanks new mom and dad.
• The Epson photo printer my parents gave the Palmercat Gal is totally awesome. It prints quality pictures and pretty fast.
• Being married, on Christmas you get twice as many gifts. It was crazy seeing the X-Terra full of presents. Thanks to everyone who gave a gift! I love you guys. And not just for the gifts!
• Best buy is going to end my marriage. Seriously I need to stop going there, and here’s why:

I was in BB looking for something to spend my $25 gift certificate on when I stumbles across a shipment of Xbox 360’s. I thought they were just display boxes like always, but when I picked one up and it weighed about 20 pounds I knew this was no display box. I quickly got on the phone to call Mark, I knew he wanted one and could afford it, so I was going to pick it up for him. No answer. I call Josh to IM him, no response. This is all going down while the Palmercat Gal is at learning is fun, she has no idea I am about to drop $650 hoping that Mark will still want the system. I call and call and eventually I give up on Mark. I start thinking Ebay! I decided to buy the system and give Mark first crack at it and he doesn’t want it, it’s going up for auction.

Palmercat Gal comes into BB and sees me holding the box and asks what it is, so I tell her what it is and that it is for Mark or Ebay. She was like isn’t that the system that everyone wants but you cant get it anywhere. I was like yeah. She was like oh.

After walking around BB for about 5 minutes I start to fall in love with Box….of X…… I start to want it, it’s my precious and no one can have it! I look at the P.G. and say I kinda want to keep it, she was like oh. Then she made a mistake, “ I knew you would, why don’t you just keep it.” I walk back by the place where the shipment was being opened and the was like a couple left, I grab another one. I cant believe they let me (there were some pissed off people in line with only system while I had 2. Thanks to the P.G. we could pull it off!).

I walk out If BB with 2 premium edition 360’s. Mark calls like 15 minutes later and wants one. Luckily I had 2. So now Mark and I both have 360’s and lonely wives.

• Xbox 360 is sweet! Mark cant stop playing Project G Racing 3. He still hasn’t even opened his other game! I got NBA Live it’s a good game, looks great plays great but there is no features to the game. Madden is amazing! When I fired it up yesterday I was like holy cow! And not like me on Halloween acting like Harry Carrey, like I was in disbelief with the graphics. It is beautiful! Like NBA there are no features to the game, but the game play alone and the absolute beauty of the game cover up all. It’s awesome.

That’s about it for now, If you made it through the entire post congrats come see me to get your cookie. Speaking of cookie’s Jott took care of my home PC cookie problems. Now I can post from home!

Good day.


At 10:45 PM, Blogger Yarsh said...

Ya know, I was gonna just disable Zone Alarm (which would have taken care of the problem), but thought that you may want (need) the extra security. Jott was smarter though: he just set the security on cookies to low, instead of medium, and then it worked.

That punk - almost always out-duelling me...

At 12:30 AM, Blogger Kyle Wade said...

i love you and hate you

At 5:04 AM, Blogger Nate Hughes said...

Man, I miss video games...


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