Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I warned you!

I really did! Believe me I did!

I had won a costume contest at a Halloween party for the past two years, I personally didn’t think I deserved it, but none the less I won based on vote. So going into this costume season I had a lot of expectations to live up to. A) Because I was going to a party w/ some co workers that had only heard that I was funny B) I had to live up to being a two time winner at my normal Halloween party.

For the Normal party I stole Jeff’s shower costume and walked in wearing nothing but a towel…….. so I had shorts on underneath but you couldn’t see those. I walked in at as usual the party stopped for my costume. I got the congratulatory hug from Christian, who I think is always the funniest, as he said, “Every year I can always count on you to have the best costume.” Cool, whatever, it was a fun party and I had a good time.

For the co worker party I was having the hardest time deciding what I would go as. Since I had never been to a costume party with any of these people I had free reign to reuse any of my previous costumes or come up with something new. I knew I could always fall back on either Harry Carey or the W/T mechanic. Both have become “Chris classics”. Well I didn’t want to just fall back on either of those but like I said I wasn’t coming up with anything. The party was Friday, Thursday I came up with a costume. But I didn’t have enough o make it. So I know what I am going as next year. So I put the decision into the hands of Yarsh, Jeff, John , Mark and Rapasky. All of them said go with Harry.

I warned them I swear, I told them if I do Harry Carey I am going to be in character all night. I am going to drive people crazy, and you wont get a real conversation out of me all night. I told the Palmercat Gal I was sorry for what she was about to go through and that if after the party she didn’t want to marry me anymore I would understand. I told them! I told them all!

Ding-Dong. (Door opens) T-Rex opens the door

T-Rex: Hello, welcome to the party.

Harry Carey: Hey! Its great be here (head shaking and all), you got any ice cold Budweiser’s?

The rest of the night Harry walked around talking to everyone, asking some people the same question every time I saw them, stopping a conversation in mid sentence and just walking away. I was on my game that night. I drove some girls crazy, sorry that they don’t have a sense of humor. I was annoying, I admit that, but I warned everyone in advance and they told me to still do it.

The end of the night came, and Harry won for best costume. Three years straight. Were there more deserving? Yeah, I thought so. But apparently it came down to me and Jeff’s shower and they gave it to me for being in character all night. We left soon after the vote and headed home. I am sorry if your upset that you lost, I am sorry if I drove you insane on Friday night, I am sorry if you don’t have as good a sense of humor as me. But hey,



At 2:16 PM, Blogger She was shaken and stirred said...

Did your head hurt at the end of the night?

At 3:36 PM, Blogger kt said...

I am so happy you got married Chris!!

But you never responded to my email!


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